The English Teacher

June 4, 2006, 9:55 pm
Filed under: Future

I was looking over some journals and brochures I received from Phi Delta Kappa, a professional membership for teachers, and I was immediately struck by the insurance pamphlet.  Aside from the few normal coverages, there were a couple offering professional liability coverage.  To quote from the pamphlet, this coverage is provided to ensure that I can "Enjoy protection from the high costs of lawsuits due to [my] activities as an education professional.  The policy covers you individually against a broad range of exposure related to your education duties."  It is a sad, sad day when teachers need to buy malpractice insurance.

I actually read about this about a year ago and that it's become a disturbing trend for parents to sue teachers when they feel that their children are not getting a fair grade.  To be candid, there may be times when teachers may be at fault, but the examples that were provided were of parents who blamed the teachers for their kids' bad grades.  As an aspiring teacher, I sympathized with the teachers.  When I was student teaching, I had students who complained and whined about their grades when the truth was, they weren't working hard enough or well enough to get the grades they felt they deserved.  For many of them, spending a lot of time on a project entitled them to an A when in truth, time does not necessarily equal good work.  When parents sue teachers over grades, what are they teaching their children?  Aren't they demonstrating the principal of entitlement?  What kind of adults are these kids going to end up becoming if all they learn is that they can sue to get whatever they want?  I worry for the future of this society.